J&L Imperium Industries

J&L Imperium Industries is a certified Minority Owned business headquartered in Dallas, TX that works with general contractors, municipalities and government agencies to provide concrete and cement products, produced on and off-site.

J&L Imperium advantages


For the success of your concrete project, timeliness and proficiency are all-important. Our standard is on-time delivery.

our Services

As a ready-mix concrete supplier J&L Imperium has the capacity to provide over 100,000 cubic yards of concrete per annual contract to small batches, certified mixed designs and specialty pours for individual projects.

Ready Mix

Ready Mix

The superior quality of ready mix concrete ensures higher stability and durability in the buildings.

Commercial Concrete

Commercial Concrete

We provide premium concrete services and our commitment to excellence has offered us the opportunity to be involved on many large-scale projects in the area, as well as other states.

Residental Concrete

Residential Concrete

Replacing that old driveway or adding a stylish patio slab to the homestead, we can provide residential concrete services professional that can add functionality and value to any residential property.

Concrete Additives

Concrete Additives

J&L offers a wide variety of liquid admixtures. These admixtures are additives, which used in the correct proportions, can tremendously enhance the performance of the concrete depending upon the desired result.